Termites are one of the problems of the natural environment as well as environment changes.  

Property managers and homeowners often mistakenly make environmental changes around habitation that stimulates termites to enter properties.

Termite control needs a strategic and integrated procedure. In termite management there are options that must be considered. Nevertheless, there is no permanent solution for termites treatment. 

- Biological control, the initiation of parasites or predators to exterminate such pests has an increasing significance in Integrated Pest Management.

-Physical control, physical methods of pest detection for example trapping, can sometimes be suitable methods and more effective for gaining long term control of a particular pest.

-Cultural control, enhancement of hygiene and sanitation measures to decrease the risk of pest infestation or enhancement of ventilation to prevent attack by nuisances.

-Chemical control methods of pest control should be undertaken using the proper pesticide as well as means of application to reduce any risk to humans, plant life or animals.


The safest and most efficient pest management program integrates the utilization of more than one of

the below instruments for making the environment less fit for the existence of pests.


- Bait Station [Inside]

- Bait Station [Outside]

- Soil treatment

- Sub-Soil treatment

- Sprayed treatment

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