Cockroaches are closely associated with dwellings  and human activities throughout the world in fact.

The German cockroach is one of the cockroach species that pest control’s companies encounter the most. Many studies confirm that when the cockroach population is under stress, they will develop rapidly, which is nature’s way of preserving the species. There are various methods for treatment:

-      Cockroach spraying and dusting, which is very fast acting, and cockroaches will not resettle from one place to another. In addition, dust products are one of the effective product treatments for the long term that offers good residual protection, low volatility as well as being safe for all the family.

-      Cockroach gel baits are odourless as well as safe to use in commercial kitchens and other sensitive areas. Additionally, they can be more tidily applied than dust products but take longer to work at first. Nevertheless, cockroaches learn to ignore the gel baits if they are over sprayed with any other forms of insecticide for other reasons.

-      Sticky board traps are safe for utilising in all conditions because these products help to measure the sections of greatest cockroach activity. Hence, they are a beneficial instrument for follow-up cockroach management. On the other hand, sticky board traps only appeal to some types of cockroaches. They are not a perfect cockroach control treatment but are an advantageous supplement.


The company carry out both skills which are prevention and the elimination of pests.

The steps of our services will examine your premises as well as make recommendations for actions that you can take to make your workplace or home far less attractive to cockroaches overall.